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IntegrationIn many societies today, those with economic power are independent and enjoy most of the luxuries the government and societies can offer as opposed to the dependent and unemployed persons. Our vision is to see an independent and economically powerful migrant population i Sweden.

In this light, we will encourage and train resident migrants living in Sweden and Swedes on Quality Planting of trees, thinning of the forest and House cleaning services. After the informal and practical training, our company will provide them with forest ( during summer) and house cleaning jobs ( during Winter) or Hire them out to other forest or cleaning companies that may be in need of workers for an agreed monthly fee. Contact us for more information. Click Here.

To encourage, train and provide Swedes and migrants living in Sweden with quality forest and house cleaning techniques through informal education, with the aim of providing them with jobs, thereby facilitating their integration into the society via economic independence.


  • Providing quality services to customers at sustainable prices.
  • Train and make available professional forest workers and cleaners at any time of the year to companies when needed.
  • Pay good and reasonable wages to employees based on the Union rate.
  • Help in portraying our customers’ image positively within and out of Sweden.
  • Building a culture of trust between the company, employees and customers through training and constructive dialogue.
  • Win the prize for the best quality in planting and cleaning within the first 3 years.

Contact us

Visiting address 1:
Odensalagatan 41A
831 47 Östersund

Visiting address 2:
Sågbäcksvägen 4
840 30 Rätan

Phone: 072-519 86 44