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Social Policies

“Success is ours if we work together without prejudice or stereotypes”.

In our company, we respect the rights of our customers and employees. Our main priority areas are human rights, data protection, respect of Union Rules and high quality services.

We emphasis on the development of knowledge via formal and informal education by our employees, facilitated by our educational program on Integration.

Mittsverige Städ och skogstjänster AB is actively working to be a socially accepted and respected employer and provider of forestry, cleaning and relocating (moving out) services. We follow the laws and agreements and good practice in the forest and cleaning sectors.

That means we

  • pay statutory fees and taxes
  • responsible for agreements with both customers and employees compliance
  • responsible for making sure that temporarily hired subcontractors meet the same high quality standards that we
  • Make sure that our subcontractors are PEFC – certified
  • sign a collective agreement with the union if workers demand it
  • sign labor contracts with employees (both permanent and temporary employees)
  • pay bills and salaries on time
  • provide our personnel with decent conditions for overnight stays
  • have documented staffs, who are constantly being trained
  • if we exceptionally have to hire temporary employees, untrained personnel, we ensure quality by giving them specific information, guidance and supervision.

We contribute to the strengthening of the local community development by primarily recruiting our staff locally and by giving priority to local suppliers.

Additionally, we respect and follow all the relevant international agreements and laws which Sweden has signed or otherwise agreed to follow. These are mainly issues of equality, discrimination, child labor, association and equal pay principle.


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