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Forest Services

Forest-ServicesDifferent forest management activities affect the forest’s future development and value. We are quality conscious and methodical in order for forest owners to obtain the greatest return on their forest as possible. Regular review, planning and qualitative forest provides valuable timber when it is eventually time for thinning and harvesting.

We provide the following forest services:

  • Planting
  • Thinning
  • Tree felling
  • Cleaning.

Planting and Thinning

In planting as well as in thinning, we start by first by assessing the object or area. The cost of our professional services will depend on;

A) The total number of plants to be planted; the more the quantity, the cheaper the price for both the plants and planting services offered.
B) The more the number of hectares to be thinned, the lower the price.

The customer will decide either to buy the plants from us or only hire our professional services.

Quality Assessment

Since the survival of the forest greatly depends on how the seedling is handled and planted, it is for this reason that in both the tree planting and thinning business, we provide our customers with a quality report. The report is done during and after we are finished with the job.. It includes a detailed summary of the following;

A) Planting Spot: Our workers are skilled with the art of quality planting and thinning. During planting, we select the best planting spots based on the type of plants, soil moisture, height and composition of the inverted mound. We make sure the plants are planted at least 3 cm below the ground surface, covered with ground and placed at least 1 meter from any other seedling.

B) Number of Plants per Hectare: In order to ensure that we get the required number of plants per hectare, we do our personal self follow-up test during planting and thinning. Every worker is equipped with a measuring tape of 5,64 m that is forming a 100 m2 circle. With this technique, we can identify problems at an early stage and can therefore adjust or modify the way we plant or thin.

When the is finished, the troop leader does the final quality control. In planting and cleaning, we take note of the number of plants peer hectare, planting spots, distance from plants, types of trees, height of trees etc. All these determine the quality produced on a specific area. It is then scaled between 90% – 100%.

For questions about prices on Planting and Cleaning, Contact us.

Do you want to buy plants? See the prices below;

Types of Plants and Prices

Tall = 1,30+ moms
Gran = 1,30+ moms
Pinus Contorta = 1,30+ moms
Lärk = 1,90+ moms

Contact us

Visiting address 1:
Odensalagatan 41A
831 47 Östersund

Visiting address 2:
Sågbäcksvägen 4
840 30 Rätan

Phone: 072-519 86 44