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Window cleaning

FonsterputsningYou may not believe how bright and sunny your rooms can be when you hire Our professional window cleaning team. Our trained window washers will clean your windows inside and out until they sparkle. With an insured cleaning team, your home’s windows will be washed by one of the most trusted names in the window cleaning business.

What We Do
Our streakless window cleaning services allow picture perfect views of the outdoors. See life as it was meant to be seen – through crystal clear, streakless windows.

How We Do It
Our trained home window cleaning team removes tough dirt and grime, never leaving drips or streaks. Using professional squeegees, window wands, and tall extension poles, our insured window cleaners can clean even the toughest jobs.

Why We Do It
Our house cleaning team strives to maintain its high customer loyalty, referrals and reputation through the consistent provision of quality cleaning services. Let us provide you with a cleaner, healthier home, using environmentally safe products and efficient cleaning services.


Contact us

Visiting address 1:
Odensalagatan 41A
831 47 Östersund

Visiting address 2:
Sågbäcksvägen 4
840 30 Rätan

Phone: 072-519 86 44
Email: info@mittskogstadning.se